This isn't your typical love story of two people, but more between a person and a Jeep.

That person is me and that Jeep is a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and the story goes a little something like this:

A great idea spawned that sparked an interesting collaboration with Colonial South Jeep in Dartmouth. Basically, sometimes tradition needs to be broken in order to get true results. Let's be honest with ourselves here, these days, searching and buying a car can be stressful.

Yes, I'm in the market for a new vehicle and yes, the thought of car shopping gives me anxiety. Such questions arise like:

  • What vehicle do I want to buy next?
  • I loved what I had, should I get the same thing and buy newer despite the engine issues I experienced?
  • Who should I talk with?
  • When is the best time to buy?
  • And finally, where do I begin?

Well, I'll tell you first hand that all of those questions answered immediately the moment I sat behind the wheel of the Rubicon.

"Take it home for a week," Sales Manager Josh told me. "This ride is perfect for you."

He couldn't be any more right.

Hear me out on this one: when it comes to the stereotypical "What's it like to own a Jeep?"bI was stunned to realize it was nothing what I expected, and I'll tell you why:

  1. The highway-drive with this Rubicon completely debunked the common "rough ride" theory. I hit 65 and it felt like 30, it was that smooth. Normally, any off-road vehicle with large bulky rugged tires would send tremors throughout the frame of the Jeep, but this Rubicon remained still, smooth and luxurious.
  2. The touch-screen navigation and CarPlay system is flawless and syncs perfectly with your iPhone or Android.
  3. The roof comes off and snaps back on within a total of 46 seconds (trust me, I timed it). Compare that to an older model that normally requires two people on average to dismantle and re-assemble.
  4. The comfort and ruggedness correspond elegantly.
  5. The gas mileage is mind-blowing. For a V-6, 8-speed transmission engine, you would think this Jeep would be a gas-guzzler, but in reality, for the amount of miles I travel daily, I barely noticed the needle move.
Courtesy of K. Garcia Photography
Courtesy of K. Garcia Photography

Long story short, I've always wanted a Jeep. One week driving around in the Rubicon was way too short, but unbelievably effective.

Looks like I have some serious thinking to do.


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