If you are on social media these days, chances are you have heard of Pinterest. As a matter of fact, if you haven't heard of Pinterest, chances are you need to come out from under your rock. 

As we are gearing up for our Chocolate Affair, we are looking for the best chocolate stuff in the world. What better place to find it than Pinterest? People are constantly pinning new recipes and ideas, and with chocolate being an all-time favorite of many, of course there are a plethora of boards dedicated totally and completely to the delicious sweetness.

We have been looking at the page for long hours - drooling most of the time - but we have narrowed it down to our five absolute favorite boards of chocolate.

1. Chocolate Stuff - Sheryl Clofine-Aronow

This page is one of our favorites because it has pretty much been dedicated to chocolate cake. Who doesn't love a giant piece of that? Along with that we also found some really cool ways to decorate our cupcakes, and incorporating chocolate into other things, such as beer. Who knew?

2. Chocolate Love! - Lena Rhodes

Pinterest is a site dedicated to DIY stuff, and the pins on this board are some really creative ways to dress up some pretty simple cookies and other desserts. It even has a couple ways to make something chocolate that isn't going to be that traditional brown color.

3. Many Forms of Chocolate - Claire Gan

What we like the most about this particular board is that it has a lot of creative chocolate drink ideas. We mainly think desserts and maybe hot cocoa, but chocolate can be incorporated into a lot different drinks, both adult and not adult.

4. Chocolate Heaven - Amy Rossi

Once again we got hungry staring at this particular page. We got pretty inspired to make some creative chocolate dishes when looking at this page. Chocolate heaven is an understatement when it comes to this page.

5. Chocolate - Diana Blackstone

Simple, and sweet - no pun intended. Not only can you get some easy recipes on how to make some awesome chocolate creations, but some fancy ways to dress up other desserts with chocolate art.

Don't forget, tickets for our Women's Chocolate Affair are on sale now! It will be taking place May 9 at Rachel's Lakeside in Dartmouth.