Leftover food is a delicious way of life.

In all honesty, whenever I go out to eat at a restaurant, I'll rarely take any leftovers home. The only problem with leftover food is that most dishes never taste the same after being reheated, spoiling the authentic original taste. French fries usually go soggy, chicken dries out and mac & cheese becomes bland when reheated.

Thankfully, there are a few dishes that outlast others in the "next day flavor" category that can survive the journey from table to the fridge and can take the heat in the microwave. Here are 5 of my favorite dishes from local restaurants that are equally delicious as leftovers as if it was freshly cooked for the first time:

1.) Not Your Average Joes (Dartmouth): "Carribean Buffalo Chicken Pizza"

Facebook.com/Not Your Average Joes

No matter what anyone says, pizza will always reign as king of the leftovers. Whether you like it cold from the fridge or reheated, yous imply can't go wrong. Above all local pizza joints, my hat tips off to Not Your Average Joes 'Carribean Buffalo Chicken' pizza recipe. This scrumptious brick-oven creation is good enough to revisit the next day... that is of course if you are left with extra to take home, to begin with.

2.) Wah May (Fairhaven): "Lo Mein and Boneless Spare Ribs"


Ten out of 10 times when you open your fridge and there's leftover Chinese food, chances are more than likely that you'll investigate the little white 'to-go' boxes before anything else. I'm a big fan of Chinese food, but my "go-to" is Wah May's in Fairhaven, especially their lo mein and boneless spare ribs.

3.) Bittersweet Farms (Westport): "Bourbon Street Barnsider"


Ah, Yes... The famous Bittersweet Farm "Bourbon Street Barnsider." A masterful creation of robust flavor that will have you licking your fingers long after the plate is finished. A giant slab of grilled prime rib that blankets a thick-cut slice of toasted sourdough, topped off with caramelized bourbon onions and gooey melted swiss cheese to add even more boldness to this sweet and salty work of art. It's delicious when first served and it's just as good the following day.

4.) Tia Maria's European Cafe (New Bedford): "Azorean-Style Steak"

Facebook.com/Tia Marias European Cafe

This Portuguese classic spices up the traditional dish with Azorean flair, topped with two eggs, hot red peppers and Tia Maria's signature homemade gravy. The round fries and rice are simply a compliment to this zesty masterpiece.

5.) The Liberal Club (Fall River): "Fish & Chips"

Facebook.com/Fall River Liberal Club

When it comes to Fish N' Chips, The Liberal Club has one of the best dishes in the area. Famous for their large portions of sweet, thick beer-batter breaded fish that is not only good the first day, but heat it up and refuses to go soggy the following day. The pile of lightly salted french fries stays crisp when reheated and tasty all the same when paired with the batter-fried fish.