Recently Moana Halloween costumes are causing a racial stir, but should they be?!

A Brooklyn mom recently has said that white girls shouldn't be dressing up as Moana for Halloween, claiming it's offensive. Sachi Feris wrote a blog post titled “Moana, Elsa, And Halloween” about why she wouldn’t let her daughter dress up as Elsa. The article went viral and now there's a debate on whether or not these costumes are in fact insensitive or innocent. I say they're just for kids who look up to these characters not because of their race, but because of who the character is. Here's 5 characters you shouldn't worry about crossing racial lines to be this Halloween.


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    Moana is one of the strongest and more independent Disney princesses in history. She showed that following her dreams and being different is ok. She, in a lot of ways, broke the typical Disney princess mold. In the movie they even kind of joke about it referencing a princess and an animal sidekick. She's strong, smart and cunning. Any young girl should be proud to be Moana for Halloween.

    Maui is also a strong demigod who proves to have a much bigger heart than we first realize. He learns that he is more than just his powers and it's who he truly is that matters most. Another great Disney character to look up to.

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    Arguable the most known Super Hero on the planet. Superman stands for truth, justice and the American way! How can you not love that. A small town white guy from Kansas one minute and a Kryptionian God-like figure the next. He's strong, loving and fights for those who can't fight for themselves.

    Sure, he's obviously a white guy, but that shouldn't matter. What he represents and stands for goes well beyond all that. I mean honestly who DOESN'T on a shirt with the big Superman "S" logo right in the middle!?

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    Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman has made a big time resurgence thanks to Gal Gadot and the budding DC Comics cinematic universe. She's the Superman of female heroes. One of the most loving super heroes, she cares and fights for everyone. Male, female, short, tall, black, white and everything in between, Wonder Woman fights for you.

    Gal Gadot portrayed her wonderfully in Batman v Superman and in the standalone Wonder Woman film. She brought Wonder Woman to life on the big screen for the first time and stood as tall, if not taller than her male counterparts. She's a true role model to strive for no matter what you look like!

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    Black Panther aka King T'Challa

    The buzz around the new "Black Panther" Marvel movie is huge! He's a character that many people didn't know much about until he appeared in Marvel's "Civil War." He's the king of Wakanda and fights for his people in every way he can.

    This is probably one of the most controversial names on the list seeing as he's likely to become the most prominent black super hero, but as for the others on this list he represents more. He represents the strength, resolve and loyalty that we all should strive for. The name "Black Panther," may strike a chord, but let's not look so deeply into a name and make an issue where there isn't one. He's a tremendous leader and we will soon see why. Expect a lot of people to want to be King T'Challa both this year and next year at Halloween.

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    Okay sure, maybe people aren't knocking down doors to get an Aladdin/Jasmine costume right now. The movie came out in 1992. I get it, but hear me out. In 1992 it wasn't as big of a deal to dress as a Disney character that didn't look exactly like you. Both characters are Middle Eastern. We were fine with anyone dressing up as them, because of who they were on the screen! That's what we should be doing now!

    Plus, look at the story, Aladdin and Jasmine were from basically two different worlds. Aladdin a "street rat," and Jasmine a true princess as the Sultan's daughter. They found love with each other beyond what society told them to do! Maybe we can stop acting so wild and just have fun this Halloween! Just sayin!

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