Are you and your little one tired of the same old finger painting? Here are some ways you can mix it up!

My aunt came over to watch my daughter the other day and she brought with her some painting ideas I never would have thought of, but will definitely be trying again.

Instead of just dipping her finger in the paint, my almost two-year-old got creative with these household objects instead.



    Cotton Balls

    Oddly enough, getting her hands dirty is not my daughter's favorite, so my aunt suggested dipping cotton balls in the paint and letting her get colorful that way.

    And she loved it!

  • Phil Inglis/Getty Images
    Phil Inglis/Getty Images

    Golf Balls

    Rolling a golf ball through the paint and then rolling it around on the paper makes some cool patterns.

    Plus getting the golf ball dirty seemed to crack my kid up!



    My aunt had her place a bunch of stickers all over a blank piece of paper.

    Then they covered the paper (and stickers) with paint.

    After it dries, you peel the stickers off the page and you have one cool looking piece of art.



    The two of them also made comb rainbows.

    The teeth of the comb got painted with the colors of the rainbow (break out those cotton balls again!) and then they dragged the comb along the page to make a rainbow,

    Add a little pot of gold to one end and you've got a St. Patrick's Day masterpiece.



    Much like the cotton balls, the feathers as paint brushes kept my daughter's fingers a little bit cleaner.

    And like the golf balls it made cool patterns on the page!

    Just another fun way to change up your art projects with easy to find stuff!

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