Driving around to see all the houses decked out in lights is some of the best (free!) fun you can have during the holiday season. 

I think part of the reason I love Christmas and the holiday season so much is because it reminds me being little, in the backseat of my mom's car, and being totally mesmerized seeing all the lights twinkling as we drove by houses that were decorated. One of my favorites was the "Gingerbread House" in Wesport (close to White's!) that you could see from 195.

There's something magical about the lights and the spirit of the season, so we want to help you find the best displays that you can visit.

Pereira's Christmas Light Show - 481 Ridge St., Fall River

Their light show plays ONE WHOLE HOUR worth of songs before you'll hear the same song again. And they host hot chocolate nights with Santa!

Kut Family Christmas Light Display - 70 Summerfield Ave., Somerset

This display is on every day from 5 - 10 p.m. and they even MAKE THEIR OWN SNOW. 

Eckersley Family Light Show - 83 Lane St., Fall River

Botelho Family Xmas Light Spectacular - Issac Circle, Dartmouth

Botelho - Facebook

The Hills Spectacular Christmas Light Display - Patton Ave., Somerset

They have a walk-through area and can even leave a letter for Santa in the mailbox that goes right to the North Pole.

The Hills - Facebook

315 Read St., Somerset

Tune your radios to 88.1 FM to watch their light show!

Lights for Lives - 84 Hayden Avenue, Tiverton

Tune to radio station 91.7 FM and even visit Santa or check out the tropical section that has a waterslide!

The Crazy Tech Christmas Animated Light Show - Furlong Circle, Lakeville

You can check their website to see the status of the lights ('green' means all systems go!)

Crazy Tech - Facebook

Gellette Road, Fairhaven

This is a fan favorite every year. I've been by here myself the past few years and it doesn't disappoint.

Scott Beeman


Most, if not all, of these homes are on main streets and have neighbors. Please be cautious of parking in front of people's driveways, mailboxes, etc. if you stop by. Be respectful (as we know you will) and bring a donation if you think the owners of the house are accepting them. Some of the families do donate to various charities or it's just nice to give them $5 to throw towards their electric bills because they must be out of control.

If there are other displays we missed, please let us know on Facebook and we would love to add them.