There were plenty of great eateries that opened their doors this past year, but only a few of them made us search for our elastic waist pants.  Here's some of our favorite new restaurants who made their debut in 2015:


Brick Pizzeria, Fairhaven
Back in May we heard rumblings of a new pizza place that opened up near our office- nothing specific, just general "there's a pizza place" comments. After deciding to find out for ourselves, we were PUMPED to learn that it was a second location of Downtown New Bedford's famous Brick Pizzeria. We even heard angels sing as the pizza came out of the brick oven.

Mesa 21, Fall River
After months (18 months or 555 days, to be exact) we waited for the re-opening of a brand new Mesa 21 on Lindsey Street in Fall River. After a fire in May of 2014, rumors circulated for months about when it might open, but those were only ever rumors. Someone accidentally let the cat out of the bag on November 9th that the restaurant was opening the next day and chaos ensued.

Boneheads, Fall River
After much anticipation, Boneheads finally opened for business on South Main Street in Fall River at the end of the summer. This "express" version of their famous West Warwick location. Not only is a great little place to get take-out wings (ehem- complete with 25 styles of dry rub and 50 different sauces) but they are National Award Winning Wings- cue the mouth watering! 

Whaler's Tavern, New Bedford
The owners of Falmouths' beloved Quahog Republic brought their brand to the Southcoast back in July. Located in the heart of downtown New Bedford, Whaler's Tavern has been serving up local favorites like clams, quahogs, cod cakes, swordfish and more. Their Monsta Lobsta Roll just may be the most Instagrammed of all the food on the menu! 

Avo's Feast, Fall River
Avo's opened in the Flint area of Fall River this past October promising to make 'Feast food" available all year long. Owner Michale Ferreira thought it was unfair that food enjoyed by so many was only available during the feast season. With that, he went out and made his own wish come true- a place to eat your favorite feast food year-round.  You can expect food like cacoila (shredded pork) sandwiches, chourico and pepper sandwiches chicken Mozambique and more.


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