Students on a school bus heading to Greater NB Voc-Tech yesterday morning witnessed an 18-year-old male getting onto the bus, initially undetected by the driver. The man boarded the bus at a stop located near Purchase Street in Downtown New Bedford.

The 18-year-old proceeded to take a pair of head phones from one of the students on the bus to use with his phone.

The bus driver was made aware halfway through the ride to school that this individual did not belong on the bus. According to School Superitendent Jim O'Brien, the driver quickly notified the school of what was happening. The school's security team and a member of the administration were waiting when the bus arrived at the Church Street entrance. The man was taken into custody by police and arrested.

His name has not been released and police tell Mr. O'Brien that this was not the man's first attempt to enter a school, that he is known to authorities.

Superintendent O'Brien tells us no students were harmed during this incident and that all parents and guardians were notified.  He goes on to say that he credits the bus driver, students and staff with handling the issue responsibly and that additional measures will be put in place to ensure student safety.