With all the reality singing competitions out there, one that doesn't focus on a voice is kid of refreshing. Now in it's 10th season in the USA, the show has us captivated pretty much every week.

So why is it our favorite guilty pleasure show on the planet? It's probably because we know we can't dance, so it's fun to watch people who can, or in some case really can't. It gets us all fired up, and makes us want to take dance classes, will almost. The couch is rather comfy, after all.

1. The leaps

2. The flips!

3. The optimism of making it

4. The anticipation!


6. Because Adam gets all into it

7. Tabitha and Napoleon

8. The Hot Tamale Train


9. Chelsie and Mark

10. After we watch that...

11. Then we try to dance...

12. When the judges get really excited!

13. That exorcist dancer guy...


15. Sometimes Nigel can be a little creepy...