We here at Fun 107 love both New Bedford and Fall River equally. But from time to time, we still like to stoke the flames of the friendly rivalry between the two SouthCoast cities.

That's why this past week, we put up a post on our Facebook page asking people to tell us something they should never say to a person from Fall River (don't worry, New Bedford will get its turn soon enough).

We picked some of our favorites, although we're surprised nobody pointed out that chow mein is a dumb thing to put in a sandwich, or that Emeril is not really that great of a chef. Not that we actually think those things, of course, but saying it would definitely cut a Fall Riverite to their core.

Here are 10 of the things you suggested you shouldn't say to a person from Fall River:


Matthew fired a direct shot with his criticism of the way they pronounce "coffee" in Fall River. It's definitely more Rhode Island (and even slightly New York-ish) than it is on the rest of the SouthCoast.

Many of the comments poked fun at the Portuguese culture, such as the tendency to cover the furniture in plastic.

With Mayor Jasiel Correia announcing this week that the City would do away with the controversial "Pay As You Throw" trash program, Bob couldn't resist getting in this dig.

It's no secret that Fall River residents, especially those of Portuguese descent, are huge soccer fans. They wouldn't take kindly to you insulting the player they feel is the best in the world.

We still can't figure out why Fall River people "close the lights" as opposed to turning them off.

Richard took a shot at one of Fall River's favorite sandwich shops, although we could just as easily say "Marcucci's" and still get the same reaction.

If Fall River is known for one thing outside of the SouthCoast, it's the story of Lizzie Borden. We're not so sure David's suggestion will tick off Fall River folks, but it would definitely be the start of a heated argument.

We were surprised only one person took a shot at Fall River for having a mayor facing federal indictment.

And finally, the ultimate thing you should never say to a person from Fall River...

At least nobody dared to suggest that the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge is better than the Braga Bridge. That's just crazy talk.