Whether it was under their breath or shouting it during rush hour, you can bet every person from Rhode Island has had these thoughts about Massachusetts.

Let me explain.

I love working on the SouthCoast. I’m a Rhode Island girl through and through, but I have grown very fond of spending my days in Massachusetts. I have met friends that have become family, enjoyed some incredible seafood, and have fallen in love with the quaint cobblestone streets of downtown New Bedford. To the Mass residents, I love you all, and that’s why I want to fill you in on something.

Rhode Island has some assumptions about Massachusetts that I thought you should know about.

I grew up in the Ocean State, so I fell victim to many of the following thoughts, but time well spent in the Bay State has changed my mind on a lot of them. However, just because I had a change of heart doesn't mean the rest of Rhode Island did.

We may be next-door neighbors, but neighbors don’t always see eye to eye, and there are a few things that Rhode Islanders secretly think about Massachusetts.

You may think you have the better seafood, but ask any Rhode Islander, and they’ll definitely disagree. You may think you have the best beer, but RI will defend its local breweries until they are blue in the face.

Here are the 10 secrets every person from Rhode Island has thought about Massachusetts:

10 Things Every Person From Rhode Island Secretly Thinks About Massachusetts

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