If you're familiar with the popular video game Angry Birds, then get ready to meet a real-life character that's causing quite the stir in Yarmouth.

This past Wednesday morning around 8 a.m., a northern gannet seabird was spotted at the Yarmouth Senior Center, causing a bit of a scene in the parking lot. Now, this isn't your everyday typical bird; this gannett is just as big as an albatross and can be somewhat territorial, so it was pretty upset to be in unfamiliar surroundings on land.

The Yarmouth Division of Natural Resources stepped in and sent a couple of their officers over to the senior center to safely contain the lost six-pound bird and help it get safely back to the sea.

"When provoked they can make a very loud 'honking' noise, which can be unsettling to the average citizen," the New England Wildlife Center wrote in a Facebook post. "Northern gannets (and other seabirds) often get lost and mistake asphalt parking lots and roads for bodies of water, and will end up stranding themselves. We believe that is what happened to our friend here."

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The large bird was cared for, cleaned up, and returned back out to sea where it belongs thanks to Officer Cotone, who provided the free boat ride. So the next time you come across a giant distressed bird, call animal control immediately so no harm is done to the bird and no fingers are nipped.

As for our Yarmouth friend, it was a happy ending as it was returned home unharmed so it can back to doing what it does best: being an angry bird.

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