I pray Karma comes back around to this one.


So, here I was, minding my own business and all, just trying to get some air outside. It was sunny and warmer than usual out and the fresh air felt good on the ol' lungs.

As I was taking advantage of the blue skies and warm sun, sitting by myself thinking about life and such, I get bombarded by a giant snowball the size of a basketball from a random punk! Like... who the heck does something like that?!

I mean, what kind of mindset would someone have to randomly attack without warning or cause of justice?! I was and still am absolutely floored.

In this edition of "WWJD?," I asked myself what would happen if Jesus was the victim here, which leads to the questioning of why anyone would want to throw a snowball at his face in the first place. Damn, hooligans and their antics.

Secondly, the whole thing makes me wonder if this was some type of Karma waiting for me, but what could I have done in the first place to deserve this nonsense?! Video footage from a nearby business caught the action on camera. Just watch for yourself above.


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