I saw this automatic hand washing machine on a cruise I was on last summer.  I loved it so much, I want one installed in my house.

We were talking this morning about restaurant restrooms. I was wondering why the faucets are always weird. I feel like it's a struggle to get a restaurant restroom that is complete with two working faucets that offer a steady stream of water. Hot water is also a struggle. It seems like most restaurant restrooms just don't readily offer hot water as a usable option to wash your hands.

If by some miracle, the faucets don't just drip out water, and they actually have hot water, good luck trying to find a way to dry your hands. The automatic hand drier takes about five years to dry your hands. For some unknown reason, the struggle is real to just wash your hands in a restaurant restroom.

That's why I fell in love with this automatic hand washing machine on the cruise we went on last year. It was like getting a warm, hand massage. The automatic washer felt really great, and it smelled good, too. Honestly, I wouldn't be upset if I got one installed in my house.



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