As a fan of Game of Thrones, you know not to get too attached to any of the main characters. Cause author George RR Martin likes to kill main characters and you never know who will be going next. Well now you just might...

Seems Martin has taken a shining to the town of Santa Fe, New Mexico and is looking to help the local community. And he is asking his GoT's fanbase for a little help.

George is clearly a kindhearted man who cares about people and animals, cause he has announced that he is hoping to raise a bunch of money for the Santa Fe Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and the local Food Depot.

To those who head to Prizeo and make a donation (any sized donation) you can score t-shirts, signed memorabilia and even real personalized thank you notes! But if you really have some cash to spare the thank you could be your a book that is.

Seems George will grant the ultimate GoT fan wish to the person who donates $20,000 or more. He'll not only name a character in the latest GoT's book after you, but he'll let you choose your station in life (lord, page, etc) and then kill you off in any gruesome way you want!

If I had $20,000 to spare, that is so how I would spent it!

But if you can throw down that kind of dough, you charitable donation of any size could get you another fantastic fan experience. One randomly choosen donater will get to fly to New Mexico, have dinner with George, tour the wolf sanctuary and then ask the author any Game of Thrones related questions you can think of. Awesome!

So click below to make your donation today!

And if you could be that big spender, would you want to be killed off by George RR Martin? And how would you want him to bump you off?

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