Lions: scary animals, controversial food.

A Mexican restaurant in Tampa, Florida has turned heads (and maybe some stomachs) by offering lion meat tacos, in the biggest news for the animal since Snoop Dogg turned Snoop Lion.

Despite some reports claiming it had stopped selling the unusual cuisine, Taco Fusion appears to have kept the item on its menu, making the restaurant a thorn in the paws of several activists, according to manager Brad Barnett.

If someone wants to come down and have a conversation, I'm here all day. But calling over the phone, threatening to kill our cashier, threatening bodily harm, that they're going to burn the building down, so forth and so on, it just doesn't make sense to a normal person.”

Even though several curious customers have tried it, some people have a problem with the dish and Taco Fusion has ramped up security to protect employees who may receive threats. Each lion taco goes for around $35 and it has been a big hit, with 44 sold in one day alone.

You may be wondering where exactly one purchases lion meat. Well, it turns out to be an easier acquisition than you may expect. Taco Fusion uses a company called, which is based in California. Lion meat makes Kobe beef look like a White Castle slider, fetching around $220 per pound.

Taco Fusion is still debating whether to order more and will do so if enough customers give it, ahem, a roar of approval. Wow, we'd be "lion" if we said that was clever.

Okay, we'll stop now.

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