Easter is coming soon and in an effort to get ready for it, I present to you, a $49,000 chocolate bunny!

This chocolate bunny looks and sounds delicious, and it comes complete with diamonds for eyes...hence the huge price tag. It's made of Tanzania origin chocolate, and it took two days to complete by Martin Chiffers, a former chef décor of Harrods. This big bunny weighs in at eleven pounds and being that big, you know that he's delivering a ton of calories, 548,000 to be exact! Please, for the sake of your health, do not eat this all by yourself!

The eyes made of diamonds will probably be the first bling you notice, but wait...there's more! The bunny also comes with three chocolate eggs, decorated with a gold leaf and two diamonds courtesy of luxury jewelry retailer 77 Diamonds, and are worth around $37,000.

Just in case you're thinking that you, your family and all of your friends can't polish this delicious treat off all in one weekend, no worries, this bunny can be frozen for up to two years!

So, if you just happen to have an extra $50,000 grand or so lying around that you just don't know what to do with, maybe this exquisite chocolate bunny is for you. I can't say that I would throw down $50,000 for a chocolate bunny, even if I could somehow afford to...and if I did, I certainly wouldn't eat it! I'd put that baby on display!  To see a photo of what this masterpiece looks like, click here.