Arrested for stealing a Fall River man's wallet, phone and car; the women then threatens to kill the arresting officer.

According to Herald News, Karina Carrion of Fall River allegedly approached a man in the Tedeschi's parking lot at 1237 Pleasant Street at gunpoint and demanded he give her his wallet and phone.  She also took his car.

The man witnessed her driving over a curb in his car, taking off from the scene.  Once police arrived, the victim told them what had happened.

Minutes later as the man was walking towards his home on Pleasant Street, the suspect, Miss Carrion, was walking towards him and asked if he'd like his keys back.  Weird?  He got his keys and then called the police again.

FRPD located the suspect and proceeded to arrest and take her into custody. She allegedly became disgruntle and kicked the arresting officer and then threatened that she would kill him.

She was arraigned earlier today and is being held without bail until her hearing next Thursday.  She faces multiple charges.

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