Back in October of 2017, The Buttonwood Park Zoo announced the birth a baby Bolivian gray titi monkey. Although the baby was born in September, it still doesn’t have a name yet. But that doesn’t stop this little one from capturing the hearts of all who visit the Rainforests, Rivers & Reefs building. That cute little face draws them in no matter what. There is even one couple who has made a ritual of the weekly visit, stopping to see the baby titi grow.

Upon their last encounter, the woman placed her hands on the glass of the exhibit and managed to capture the PERFECT photo of the baby titi monkey placing its hands on the glass to match the woman's open hand. The photo was just so precious that she had to share it with Buttonwood Park Zoological Society’s Director of Community Engagement, Paula Montgomery.

"Long time members Judy and Harold had this amazing interaction with the baby titi monkey born at Buttonwood Park Zoo this September. Judy wrote: "We have watched the baby Titi monkey grow up and love to go every weekend to see what he's up to. Today, I reached out to the glass and the baby reached back to touch my hand. This is why we go to the zoo so much. How exciting was this?!!!! It made my week, my day, my whole month!!"

I’d like to think that this behavior is because the baby titi has managed to recognize the visitors since they stop by so frequently. It would be nice to know that it feels connected to its special friends.

New goal for 2018: visit the Buttonwood Park Zoo often enough that the babies recognize me and want to snuggle. That is all.

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