I'm getting kind of sick of all the Disney Plus talk, but this is important. We just had a picture this week on the Fun 107 Facebook page joking that no one will be making plans for approximately the next 9,274,923 years, seeing as how Disney Plus is here and everyone is watching it.

But that’s not the problem; the picture stated that said person would be watching That’s So Raven, Hannah Montana, The Suite Life, and numerous other shows, which fortunately included what is, in my opinion, the best Disney series of all time – but it buried it at almost dead last. Unacceptable.

Never when I hear people talk about Disney Plus or Disney in general do I hear anyone praise Wizards of Waverly Place. Why not? I’ll never understand it. I even took phone heat when I talked about it on the air. It was Hannah Montana this and Suite Life that. Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

I don’t even have skin in the game, I’m like Jackson, I was way more of “Nick Kid” growing up, because SpongeBob will never be touched, iCarly, the list goes on. But Jackson already had the Nickelodeon vs Disney discussion.

I would say I’m open to having my mind changed on this one, but I’m not, unless there is some show I blatantly missed. 

PS: The new Star Wars thing doesn’t count because it’s like a day old, and they should’ve never continued past the original six anyway, but that’s an entirely different story.

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