The Zeiterion Performing Arts Center announced last weekend that they will be launching a drive-in series that will take place in the Seastreak Fast Ferry's Whale's Tooth parking lot.

The Zeiterion Drive-In will host live performances, as well as movies. If you'd like to bring a carload of people to the drive-in, Michael and Maddie have a ton of tickets to give away.

Normally, tickets to the live shows are $50 per car. Tickets to the movies that are shown are $25 per car. Prices are set per car regardless of how many people are inside.

Michael and Maddie fans will have a chance to win Zeiterion Drive-In tickets this Monday, June 22, and next Monday, June 29.

If you'd like to bring a carload of friends or family to the Zeiterion Drive-In, just enter to win here. Michael and Maddie will be surprising people with Zeiterion Drive-In tickets this Monday morning.

Some of the live shows that will happen at the Zeiterion Drive-In are:

  • Morrissey Boulevard
  • The Hipshot Band
  • Pearly Baker Acoustic
  • Ryan Montbleau

Some of the movies that will happen at the Zeiterion Drive-In are:

  • Yesterday
  • Harriet
  • Sonic the Hedgehog

If all goes well, more shows may be added to this schedule.

It doesn't appear that refreshments will be sold on site, but people are welcome to bring food or beverages to enjoy during the movie.

The sound from the movie will be broadcast on a low-powered radio frequency that will be able to be received on the car radios. The most important rule is to make sure to flip back to 107.1 after the movie is finished.

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