Each year, right before the Holiday Season, the same question is asked (and for most people hoped for)... Will there be snow on Christmas Day?

According to AccuWeather.com's New 90-Day Forecast, we can now see a little bit further into our weather's future. This will help to determine if we're going to have a "White Christmas" or not.

Unfortunately, the skies don't look like they'll be coordinating, never mind be cold enough to produce any types of frozen precipitation.

The 90-Day AccuWeather Forecast for the Daytime weather tells us that we will see "Rain and freezing rain in the morning; cloudy and warmer, windy in the afternoon with a shower."

As for Night-time, the Southcoast will be experiencing "Very windy; mostly cloudy skies with a bit of sleet and freezing rain."

Here's the breakdown of statistics for the day:



Day = 50 Degrees F.

Night = 16 Degrees F.

Chance of Precipitation:

Day = 70% (0.16 Inches of Rain/0.25 Inches of Ice)

Night = 55% (0.0 Inches of Rain/0.08 Inches of Ice)


Chance of Snow:

Day = 0% (0 Inches)

Night = = 0% (0 Inches)


Wind Factor:

Day = SW @ 21 MPH/GUSTS @ 45 MPH

Night = W @ 36 MPH/GUSTS @ 51 MPH


Sunrise = 7:09 AM

Sunset = 4:19 PM

[DURATION: 9 Hours 10 Minutes]


Moonrise = 3:34 AM

Moonset = 2:11 PM

[DURATION: 10 Hours 37 Minutes]


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!