Turns out with the right permits, I could totally own a monkey!

There are plenty of animals that really shouldn't be pets...but in Rhode Island as long as you obtain the proper permits, you can have them anyway.

Bears, tigers, monkeys and more are able to be owned legally in the Ocean State, but you have to get permission first.

Rhode Island State Laws Governing Private Possession of Exotic Animals states that you can own exotic primates, carnivores, amphibia, reptilia, canidae, and insecta as long as you obtain a permit to do so.

And getting the permit requires you to ensure you have "disease-free, wild animals" and "can demonstrate [you] have adequate knowledge of species specific animal health and husbandry."

So with a few classes in caring for a monkey, perhaps I could really have one someday!

And if you want to live somewhere where it's even easier to have an exotic animal in your life...move to Nevada. According to Business Insider, they don't require much of anything for you to keep wild animals in your home.

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