If you happen to return to your car and find a t-shirt or bandana tied to your wiper, don't stop to remove it...and here's why.

A scary new trend has been on the rise in Michigan. It is a way for robbers or predators to distract women long enough to attack them...but it can be avoided.

The trend if for someone to tie a t-shirt, bandana or any piece of cloth around someone's windshield wiper after they walk away from their car.

The attackers then waits for the woman to return and when she sees the cloth, she typically begins to untie it.

It is while she is distracted doing this, that the attacker then makes their move. Either grabbing the woman's purse, vehicle or in some cases the woman herself.

The trend is a frightening one and it's something woman across the country are being warned about.

So if you happen to come back to your car and find something around your windshield...Leave It! Get in your car, lock your doors and head out of wherever you are before you try to remove the cloth.

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