Ice-T was spotted this weekend in Taunton.

If we were to make a list of 1,000 places we'd expect to bump into Ice-T on the Southcoast, the Taunton Antiques Center might not even make the list, but that's exactly where he showed up this weekend.

Ice T Family
Taunton Antiques Center

Ice-T appeared with his wife, Coco Austin, and young daughter (who looks JUST like him, BTW) and was shopping for antiques. He arrived at the Taunton Antiques Center as part of a scavenger hunt.  We spoke to one of the owners of Taunton Antiques Center, Armen Tenkarian, who told us that the his store was just one stop on the scavenger hunt. He believed Newport was their next stop. The actor and rap star was competing against other teams in the hunt. Each team had to buy something from the store, and save the receipt to prove they were there. Ice-T and his friends and family went through and shopped on all of the different floors at the center.

Mr. Tenkarian tells Fun 107 that Ice-T "posed for pictures with customers and the staff. He was very personable, very friendly, and very talkative....and was agreeable to take pictures, sign autographs, and answer questions from the customers. He was a really nice guy."

We were wondering if he may have arrived here in New England a week too early, as this coming Saturday is Lemonade Day Southcoast.

We all know Ice-T is a dedicated salesman of his lemonade.


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