The euthanization of a deer that busted into a city barber shop Wednesday morning was the only safe outcome. That's according to New Bedford Animal Control Officer Manny Maciel, who says his department, New Bedford Police, and staff from the Buttonwood Park Zoo evaluated the situation before making the decision to shoot the animal dead with a shotgun.

Speaking on WBSM's "Taylor Cormier Show", Maciel says after crashing through the front window of the Rivet Street barber shop, the animal was severely injured and disoriented, and tranquilizing it would have presented new difficulties.

Maciel says he believes the deer was hit by a car before it wandered in front of Made Barbers, where it likely saw it's own reflection and charged the storefront window.

The deer meat has been taken to the Buttonwood Park Zoo, where it will be fed to the cougars.

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