My family has recently gotten into cooking and baking shows, with my daughters both loving Nailed It on Netflix. So, of course we checked out the newest food-based streaming series, Pressure Cooker.

The show is basically a cooking competition mixed with Big Brother. The chefs live in a house together, complete cooking challenges and then decide among themselves whose meals were best.

In the end, one chef remains and is crowned Pressure Cooker champion.

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Imagine my surprise when I watched the first episode of the show and saw a familiar face.

Turns out, one of the chefs competing in the show is the owner of Cucina Rustica in Cranston, Rhode Island, Brian Nadeau, a former high school classmate.

Never have I watched a reality show before and actually recognized someone competing. It was pretty weird.

I have definitely lost touch with most of my former high school classmates at this point in life, so although I knew Nadeau was now a chef I had no idea he was cooking at a food competition level.

Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Nadeau told several Providence news outlets that the show recruited him to compete in the series and though he's happy he took part in it, he would never do something like this again.

You can stream the series on Netflix now to see how he did on the show and taste his meals for yourself at Cucina Rustica on Atwood Avenue in Cranston Wednesday through Sunday.

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