Waiting tables certainly has its ups and downs, but right now seems to be a pretty good time for servers on the SouthCoast.

Donnie Wahlberg may have kicked off his #2020TipChallenge on New Year's Day, but it has been the Ernie Boch, Jr. $5,000 tip last week that has really gotten things going here on the SouthCoast.

Ever since Boch gave a $5,000 tip to his waitress in Salisbury a few weeks ago, the huge tips seem to be popping up everywhere.

First, it was the $2,000 tip left at Harvest Market in Swansea:

Then it was the $5,000 tip at the Stoneforge Grill in South Easton:

Now there was a $2,000 tip left for a bartender at The Aviary Restaurant in Swansea:

A trend is clearly starting across the area and I think servers are thrilled.

So far most of these generous tip stories seem to have one thing in common: a longtime patron of the restaurant who has gotten good service again and again decides to tip the server they know and love well beyond the standard 15 percent.

The math on some of these tips is more like 400 percent plus.

So though it may seem tempting to get into the foodservice industry now and try to get lucky with one of these massive tips, the more likely scenario is that those who have been doing this for years are going to be rewarded for a job well done.

But whatever reason someone has for giving thousands as a tip on their bill, I am loving all this generosity right now and certainly hope the #2020TipChallenge continues to reward hard-working food industry workers all year long.

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