Maybe it's just the Target near me, but have you noticed they don't sell Amazon gift cards there anymore?

I feel like at one point I was buying Amazon gift cards from Target. But when I stopped in this week to try and grab a few last minute gift cards, the online store was not an option.

There was a wall of gift cards to choose from. Every store you can think of, plain ol' Visa gift cards and of course so many decorative options of Target gift cards. But not an Amazon gift card in sight.

Was this just my local Target? Or is this in every Target?

I mean I get it, the two are clearly competitors. Why else would Target start offering to deliver your order to your house? And why would you want to sell gift cards to your competitor?

But am I crazy, or was this not always the case?

I may not be remembering my past gift card purchases with crystal clarity (because who does, really), but I really think at some point perhaps years ago I bought an Amazon gift card at Target.

It just makes me wonder when the change may have happened, when Amazon started to affect Target sales and make them mad.

Personally I shop at both and would be happy with gift cards to either.

But that doesn't mean I just went ahead and got a Target gift card because Amazon gift cards weren't there.

Nah, I just went somewhere else and got the gift card I wanted.

Sorry, Target.

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