It seems like its gotten worse over the years. Is it because people in general are worse?

When a team wins a championship, or in some cases, loses one, all hell breaks loose and riot police have to come in a protect fans who just want to celebrate in peace.

I never understood the mentality of people who think to destroy things because there favorite team has won, or lost.

Tonight, at Fenway Park, there will be security like you've never seen before, and I certainly hope that things stay calm should it end toinght, but something tells me that is wishful tihnking.

Check out some videos of chaos breaking out after big games.

Hockey Fans Riot In Vancouver After Bruins Win Stanley Cup

Bruins Fan Knocks Out Maple Leafs Fan After Playoff Game

Celtics Fans Break Windows After 2008 Title

Lakers Fans Go Crazy in 2010


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