A car that has been around for five years is suddenly everywhere I look. What's the deal?

Have you seen a Polaris Slingshot on the roads recently? Because I seem to see them every day.

Seriously, there seem to be a very high number of these Slingshots in my neck of the woods recently and I can't help but wonder why.

I mean what are these things anyway? Part motorcycle, part car? Just an adult go-kart? They only have three wheels!

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David McNew/Getty Images

Every time I see one on the roads around my house I have to wonder why people are even buying this thing?

They seem pretty small, you can't store anything in them and you definitely can't take the kids out in them. Plus they set you back, at best, around $20,000. What's the appeal here?

I guess if I was on a beach vacation with just my husband it might be fun to rent one, but buying it to drive around a city all day? No thanks.

But people around me seem to be into them.

I've seen gray, orange, black and blue models in the past few weeks, so I'm convinced it's not just the same guy with a Slingshot that I'm seeing every time.

Maybe there's a new dealership in my area or something? I mean, is anybody else seeing these around more lately?

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