Planning a vacation?

Getting all parties to agree on one is no easy task, so I ask, do you really need to take someone with you?

Who doesn't like a good vacation? We all need to step away from reality for a little at some point. I recently found myself frustrated with getting people to agree on when and where to go. After weeks of "talking about it," I finally ripped the Band-Aid and just booked a vacation I wanted to do.

I needed a change of scenery, especially since we seem to still be getting winter temperatures here on the East Coast.

Don't get me wrong. Vacationing alone can be a bit intimidating. There is a lot to consider and I'm not the best at planning things out, but I found it so necessary that I ventured out on my own. After doing so, I can think of a handful of reasons we should all take a solo vacation.

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1. Do what you want when you want. Did I sleep in a few days? Absolutely. Did I have a cocktail at noon some days? Yes. I did what I wanted when I wanted.

2. Leave your comfort zone. Normally I'd go on vacation and stick to hanging out with my people. Going alone, I ended up meeting people from all parts of the world and really got to let loose.

3. Remind yourself how much you enjoy your own company. Admit it. It's been a while since you sat with yourself, smiled at everything you accomplished and just took a deep breath. Remember that you're pretty awesome and don't need anyone to entertain you.

4. Indulge all you want; no one is going to stop you. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. No one can bring down the mood by telling you that you "had enough." I certainly let myself have whatever I wanted.

In case you're waiting to hit "purchase" on that dream vacation until your friends confirm whether they can go or afford it, just do it.

I speak from recent experience that vacationing alone allowed me to hit that reset button before experiencing burnout. I also think it'll be the perfect self-care to help you realize your worth.

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