I can't believe my eyes.

Three-fourths of a cake was found in the Sconticut Neck Plaza parking lot in Fairhaven. Who in their right mind would leave such a delicious piece of heaven like this? What a waste!

I just have so many questions...

Potential Space Saver:


Ironically though, the cake has been there for about two days and nobody is parking in that spot. Was this a temporary space saver, only for the person to never return?

Waste of Good Food:

Of all cake-types, this is Red Velvet. RED VELVET!!! Let that settle in for a moment. Only a quarter was eaten (or taken away) from the whole cake, only to leave behind a waste of good food. That's the question though, who would waste this?


Anybody who's familiar with this parking lot has seen their fair share of trash blown around the pavement. We know how hard the "Subway Guy" works to keep it clean by picking up the trash on the daily (don't think it has gone unnoticed, Subway Guy). This cake came from the Stop & Shop across the street, why not drop the cake off over there? There's no need to make a mess out of this plaza.

Manager's Special:


Cheap/discounted or not, this is not only a waste of food but also a waste of money. That $6.49 can buy a lot at the grocery store and in general. That's a couple of gallons of gas, a whole rotisserie chicken, even a movie or two at a Redbox! Why pay for something and then just throw it out?

Odd Decor = Date Gone Wrong:


Whatever design was on top of that cake was most certainly something "romantic." Perhaps this was potentially a loving gesture or a weird date that spiraled out of control and plummeted to the ground (pun intended)? Who was this cake bought for and what was the occasion?

and lastly...

Taste Review:

Clearly, someone (or something) ate a piece of the cake. I just want to know... how did it taste? Was it even good? Perhaps that's the reason behind the abandonment in the first place. After all, it was a "Manager's Special," putting the expiration date on blast.

I'm curious to know how much money it would take for someone to swallow their pride and take to try a bite out of that two-day-old left-behind leftover?

The moral of this story from the get-go was always "Don't Litter," but of course, my mind was boggled with all these questions that I'm positive will never get answered.

I mean, if it was YOU who littered, would you own up to it?

Come on now.... be kind, don't leave your cake behind.


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