Do women really have a better sense of smell than men?

TSM/Konstantin Yolshin

Today, Acushnet Creamery was kind enough to bring in ice cream for us and sure enough, I could smell my ice cream!

Now, that may seem kinda weird...Michael and Larry definitely think so but it's normal for me! I can pretty much smell anything that has some type of aroma.

And sure enough, its proven by science! reports that women definitely have keener senses of smell.

A study done at Monell Chemical Senses Center collected bits of sweat and asked both men and women to sniff the vials. Both sexes reported that the odors were equally smelly. But when the odor was covered with 32 different fragrances, things changed.

Only 2 of the fragrances stopped the women from smelling the odor while 19 of them stopped the men from smelling the original odor.

These results ring true for the Fun Morning Show too! Michael and Larry definitely don't have the same smelling ability as I do!

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