Staying top of mind in the South Shore Bar Pizza game can be tough, but one Whitman café made a creative marketing move that has already got people talking. Just a few hours out of the lunchtime rush, The Venus Café on South Ave in Whitman found itself with some unclaimed pizzas and a brilliant idea for giving them away.

We spoke with Peter Drosos, the general manager at Venus Café, after seeing the establishment post about free pizzas in the South Shore Bar Pizza Facebook group. Drosos was offering members of the group free pizza that was not claimed by the person who called to order it as long as they could get there to pick it up. These first come, first served pizzas didn't last long, but the post made a lasting impression.

After calling the café to get the scoop on why these amazing pizzas would go unclaimed, we learned a few things about the bar's unclaimed pizza plans in general. According to Drosos, he does get unclaimed pizzas from time to time.

"Typically, it's never that many pizzas and we just give it away to the next paying customer," he said.

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In the case of the posted pizzas, Drosos told us it was probably a mix-up on the phone.

"In this particular case the person that called it in wanted to pay over the phone and I couldn't do it," he said. "I thought they were still coming (for the order), but after a few hours I had to get rid of these pizzas." So he took to Facebook and within minutes, the pizzas were gone.

I just had to ask if taking to the South Shore Bar Pizza group was in fact just a genius marketing plan for his pizzas in general.

"If posting it had unintended consequences well then, you got me," he said. "Yeah, it's not a bad thing for Venus to be on people's minds."

Not a bad thing to score free pizza, either. It sounds like could happen now and again at the Venus Café. You just never know when the pizza ordered before yours will end up unclaimed and you'll find yourself with a few free slices in your order.

It seems scoring free South Shore Bar Pizza is a pretty big deal too; this stuff has caused full on rivalries and some seriously heated debates about which toppings reign supreme. One thing is for sure: if you want to try South Shore Bar Pizza, these are some of the best places to go.

The Best of South Shore Bar Pizza

There's pizza, and then there's South Shore Bar Pizza. Birthed in Brockton (and to this writer, perfected in Randolph – Lynwood Café is the true G.O.A.T.), it must meet certain qualifications to be considered "SSBP," which include: it's a 10-inch pie; it has a thin, cracker-like crust with minimal "flop;" the cheese is a blend that features more cheddar than mozzarella; and bonus points if you take it home between two carboard-type plates wrapped in flat brown paper bag. They also usually come with "laced" or "burnt" edges (terminology depends on where you are ordering), which is when the sauce and cheese are extended all the way to the edge of the pan, creating a crispy, flavorful coating to the crust. We reached out to the hugely popular South Shore Bar Pizza Social Club Facebook group to ask the experts to share the best of the best (in no particular order).

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