So many people like to skip over Thanksgiving entirely and jump to Christmas, but why?

There is nothing on earth that infuriates me more than the instant jump to Christmas after Halloween. I have friends that have their artificial trees already up. I know people that have already started playing Christmas music. I know people who have started watching all the Christmas movies.

It got me thinking: am I alone in my love for Thanksgiving? Am I the only person that's not currently going crazy for Christmas?

So I ask the question: which is better, Christmas or Thanksgiving? For me, despite my love for Christmas, it's all about Thanksgiving. I mean, I get to eat until I'm blue in the face and not a living soul is going to question me for it. I know we can have a nice big dinner for Christmas too, but Thanksgiving is all about the food! People bust out their most delicious dishes for a day, and I get the honor of shoving it all in my fat face.

I know Christmas comes with gifts and all that Christmas magic, but we also have to give gifts. Yeah, remember that? Christmas dips into my bank account BIG TIME. I love getting gifts, but I might as well just bought them for myself, since I spent about the same amount of money on everyone else.

Don't get me wrong, they're both great. But any time you tell me I can eat until I pass out and not break the bank over it, I'm all in.

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