You can now have an Irish pub in your backyard, on your wedding day or even for an office party. A portable, inflatable Irish pub can be rented for all sorts of occasions.

Why let your kids have all the inflatable fun at their parties? You can rent the inflatable you really want to hang inflatable Irish pub.

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This genius blow up party hut is available for all sorts of occasions and is rented out by a company right in Boston.

The Paddy Wagon Pub inflates to fit 80 people and brings more than just booze to your party.

The company offers a full menu of authentic Irish cuisine for catering, of course a bar with beer and wine plus live music, Irish step dancing or go the DJ route and really party it up.

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And if you think an inflatable Irish pub wouldn't have beers on tap, think again. They'll pour you the perfect pint and even let you serve up your own.

The possibilities are endless.

And people seriously love this thing. From graduation parties to family reunions, people are renting out the inflatable Irish pub for that pub vibe right in their own backyard.

The only downside to renting is that there is no heat inside the inflatable bar. So you'd probably have to rent some space heaters if you wanted to try it out in the winter.

Too bad my birthday is in January. It'd be a great way to celebrate without going far from home.