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There's nothing more exciting than opening a freshly-delivered package from Amazon. The anticipation of waiting for it to arrive, tracking the package on your phone, and then finally having it show up on your doorstep is an addictive feeling. Then unboxing your new prize is even more fun.

Yikes! With a company as big as Amazon, mistakes are inevitable. This, however, is a bit much.

Nothing against Amazon, but my very first experience with ordering from them was a pretty expensive set of knives. When the package arrived at my door, I was eager to open it and set it up on my kitchen counter. But it wasn't to be.

When I opened the box there wasn't a knife to be seen. They had sent the knife holder but no actual knives. I had to immediately get online and contact customer care to get my knives – which took an additional week to get to me.

Now, this was at least four years ago. I'm sure they have fixed many of those hiccups. Or have they?

Did you order anything from Amazing over the holidays and get a not-so-pleasant surprise when your order arrived?

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