A couple of cooler nights on the SouthCoast have got to have you thinking about the thermostat.

It's that time of year. The time when the nights start getting colder and the days don't warm up nearly as much as they used to.

And though we all love the introduction of "sweater weather," are you as eager to turn on the heat?

I have definitely bundled up more the last few nights and even put the flannel sheets on the baby's bed, but I am for sure holding off a bit longer before actually changing any settings on the thermostat in my house.

And I'd think most New Englanders feel the same.

We seem to be an area that holds off on heating things up as long as we can.

For some, that means waiting until a certain date on the calendar no matter what the weatherman says. For others, it means holding off until some steadily cool temps come around.

Well, next week is expected to bring lows in the 40s pretty consistently, so will that do it for you?

Yesterday's 50s seemed super chilly (especially after the 80 degrees we hit just 24 hours earlier), so I imagine the thought of heating your home came to mind.

But did you do it? Or are you still holding out?

I for one am still holding out, though I don't have any specific date or temperature I'm holding out for. I guess when we are all cold and the kids ask for it, the heat will go on in my house.

How about you?

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