One of the worst parts of living in the Tri-Town is when Turk's closes for the season.  This winter, the hurt was compounded when Nick's decided to close up for several weeks to modernize the look of the ONLY pizza place in Mattapoisett.  T

Turk's used to close for about 6 weeks each winter, but that break was doubled a few years ago.  Now, Turk's closes from New Year's Day until mid March each year.

One of the BEST days each year for the Tri-Town is when Turks' RE-opens for the season.  It's considered a holiday in Mattapoisett, Marion and Rochester.  TODAY is that day.  Pop the scallops, everybody...Turk's is back!

Now, if we can only get Nick's Pizza to hurry up and finish their construction project...the children of busy Tri-Town families can eat again.

Turk's Seafood restaurant is opening its doors today after a chilly winter season. They offer sushi, along with another restaurant menu, and a seafood market. Don't miss this opening day! The restaurant opens today at noon.

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