All too often I find myself being overly honest with a guy thinking it will be appreciated because if roles were reversed I'd want the same respect. In most cases it is not appreciated and I'm starting to wonder, when it comes to a women being honest with a man is there a double standard, is honesty really the best policy?

I was put into a situation where I felt it necessary to be honest about with the guy I was interested in at the time, even though I did nothing wrong I was concerned someone might try to turn around the situation to him to make it seem as if I did do something wrong. Shortly after I received no communication from him which made me confused and regret my choice of being so open to offering him my honesty. Maybe it was too much too soon or maybe it was something else but I really don't know what or why he stopped communicating with me after I was so honest with him.

I understand most men have commitment issues and sometimes will look for any reason to walk away from a female even though they are interested in that female, does knowing this mean that as women we shouldn't be so honest with man if we are actually interested in him? I know, for me honesty is big deal not only for receiving from others but also for giving to others so ladies I guess if your like me in that sense then we have to step back and think, if he is someone who can't appreciate your good intension with wanting to give him honesty is he really someone you want to be involved with anyways, this could be a red flag indicating a possible chance he won't be as honest with you as you would be with him.

End of story, I hate dating because most people turn it into one big game when really it should only be about two people who do or don't have a connection.

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