Christmas is less than a week away and though they say "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas," when does it actually feel like Christmas to you?

You've done the shopping, the decorating, perhaps even the wrapping. But is it feeling like Christmas to you yet?

I love all things Christmas, but somehow it just doesn't "feel" like the holidays to me right now.

It has been a busy year and things haven't slowed down enough. And I think that may be keeping me from feeling the full effect of the season.

Usually, I love to hunker down with the holiday specials, wear my festive pajamas and knit something for someone. But not this year.

The full effect of two kids (one of which hates to sleep) is hitting me this year and I haven't quite found my Christmas mojo.

But I think things are going to turn around this weekend.

Friday night my oldest daughter is having her first-ever Christmas Jingle Mingle at school.

The kids are singing, everyone is going to be dressed festive and parents get to see holiday artwork the class has made recently. I can't think of anything cuter to get me in the holiday spirit.

And then maybe this weekend can be all about the pajamas and holiday specials.

But what is it for you that really makes the holidays "The Holidays." That one holiday moment, song, tradition or event which really makes it seem the "the most wonderful time of the year?"

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