Target is set to make some of their stores adult beverage-friendly, a prehistoric bird was found in Canada and Gmail wants to reply to your emails for you!

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Target Wants to Make Us All Really Poor by Allowing Us to Drink and Shop

Target is already the land where you leave wondering how you walked in needing chapstick and a new lint roller and walked out with a $250 dent in your wallet. Now, the megastore is set to open stores around the country that not only have liquor licenses, meaning they can sell liquor, but also have a license allowing people to consume alcohol on the premises. Goodbye self-control! Hello wine-drunk purchases!

A 75 Million-Year-Old Fossil was Found in North America with the Feathers Still Intact

In a rare discovery out of Alberta, Canada, a species called Ornithomimus was uncovered this week. This particular fossil shows the link between dinosaurs and birds and this was essentially a giant bird – with a 4,500-pound skull. The fossil had been so well preserved that there were still feathers and soft tissue attached to the bones.

Google and Gmail have Rolled Out a Feature that will Reply to Emails for You

Starting this week, Gmail and Google Inbox users have access to a new feature called Smart Reply. Smart Reply analyzes the content of the incoming email and then suggests three, short replies for you to choose from. It’s pretty much like auto-suggest but with short phrases and sentences. Developers are working on adjusting the language to make it more work-place friendly as to not embarrass anyone if they accidentally send their boss an ‘I love you’ auto-reply.