Facebook is making it easier to detox from your ex, People Magazine has released the most eligible Tinder bachelors from across the country and this local woman's mugshot is somethin' else.

a young couple sitting at a dinner table and talking
TMS / George Doyle

After a breakup, the last thing most people want is to be bombarded with Facebook “Memories” of them in happier times with someone they are no longer dating or constantly see photos of them with the new people in their life. Facebook is now testing how to control what you see from that certain someone. You can choose to see certain posts from them, what photos they are tagged in and what they’re up to without having to unfriend or block them. You can also limit what they see on YOUR profile.

Recently, People Magazine and Tinder.com got together to review each state’s most right-swiped guys as part of their yearly Sexiest Man Alive issue. Their project revealed, however, that Massachusetts’ sexiest guy might not be the burly, surly, Brady-jersery-wearing, bearded dude you may have expected.

A New Bedford woman was arrested early Thursday morning for allegedly stabbing a man in a road rage incident. We honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so happy about being arrested, but 23-year-old Jasmine Carrasquillo looks pretty thrilled with her mug shot. Yikes.

carrasquillo mug shot
New Bedford Police Department


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