For around $100, you can stay in a mystical tree house, a favorite card game is coming to your iPhone and the new Oreos are here!

You can choose from a secluded tree house in Bali, a seashell house in Mexico or in a Pirates of the Caribbean themed getaway in Cali. Seriously. These places are giving me serious Wanderlust. Especially since most of the places are around $100 a night.

If you like card games like “Cards Against Humanity” or “Apples to Apples” then you’re bound to like Exploding Kittens and now you can play on your phone! The game that was created in partnership with The Oatmeal will be available for $2 starting this week.

It seems like every few months, Oreo is coming out with a new flavor the most recent is Cinnamon Bun, which I’ve heard taste a lot like old school Dunkaroos. The reviews are mixed, as they usually are with new Oreo flavors between people saying they are awesome or that they mostly just taste like vanilla.


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