Your favorite Netflix shows are coming back in 2016, the one member of the High School Musical cast that will not be at the reunion and the COOLEST new hair dye on the market.


Just in Time for Binge-Watching Season - When your Favorite Netflix Shows Return in 2016

Now that the weather is starting to turn against us a bit, you may be scouring Netflix and wondering when your favorite shows are coming back. The wait is over. Here's the run-down of a few of our favorites: Orange is the New Black - June 17, House of Cards - March 4, Daredevil - March 18 and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - April 15.

High School Musical Cast Set to Reunite this Wednesday 

The cast of High School Musical: The Movie are set to reunite this Wednesday for a 10 year anniversary special on the Disney Channel. However, much to fan's dismay, one major cast member will not be at the reunion. Zac Efron is expected to miss the reunion special due to scheduling conflicts and will prerecord a message for the show.

Next Time You See Me, I May Have Glow-in-the-Dark Hair

The hair-dye game has really been on a roll lately. From grays to pastels, you can now color your hair just about any shade of the rainbow. But why stop there? The newest hair fad is in - glow-in-the-dark! The black light activated colors are actually pretty stunning. Sign me up!