If you've got the new iPhone battery case on your Christmas list, find out if it's worth it, the re-make of a Disney movies has fans in an uproar and the most important tweets of 2015.

TMS / Oleksiy Mark

The New iPhone Battery Case

While the $99 price tag is a little steep, the case can reportedly keep your phone charged for up to TWO days. The case also includes a hole for the headphone jack and an integrated featured that lets you see how much battery is left in your phone and how much is left in the case.

The New ‘Little Mermaid’ will Actually be Blonde

Chloe Grace Mortez, the new star of the ‘Little Mermaid’ movie, told ET that she will be staying blonde for the role and people are already boycotting the film. According the original story by Hans Christian Anderson, he never specified a color of the Little Mermaids hair.

Twitter Ranks its Most Important Tweets of the Year

“Pray for Paris” held the number one spot based on the sheer volume of tweets that came just minutes after the attacks and its reach globally. The infamous “dress” also made the top 15.