Max has been one of the hardest working artists over the past five years. Constantly touring and giving full energy at every performance. Still saying yes to interviews and still putting out amazing music.

On top of all of that, he has been a devoted husband to his wife. He is a New York boy who hasn't been spending much time in his hometown but he makes it all work.

He has been collaborating with lots of artists and rumored to have more collaborations on the way. If you haven't been to a show of his, you are missing some incredible energy. He brings it every time. He is jumping around the stage. It's no wonder he stays small.

He teams up with Canadian duo Chromeo for this track, with them bringing their electro-funk feel to the song. Just based off of Max's work ethic, he deserves a No. 1 hit. Is this it? Take a listen and let me know:

We know Max from his slower love song "Lights Down Low." This one is a bit more upbeat. All of his songs circle back to relationships and love and are pretty much based on his own love story and actual life events.

What do you think? Is this a hit for Max? I need a few more listens and I'm still stuck on a different song from Max that he recorded a few years ago called "Still New York."

Is this song wicked good, or totally whack? Careful how you vote. I'm going to report the results to Max himself.

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