With only a couple of weeks left until Thanksgiving, it's never too soon to prepare for the weather we may or may not experience.Thanks to new technology from Accuweather.com, we can now see 90 days into the future to plan for parties, outside events and of course... Thanksgiving!

This may not effect some, but for those who live in New England know that at any point of time during this time of year, the skies could easily open up and drop a surprise bundle of snowflakes upon us. This takes the fun and tradition out of backyard football after a plentiful dinner!

So, what do we have in store for us? Check this out:



Day = 48 Degrees F. /Considerable Cloudiness

Night = 36 Degrees F. /Occasional Rain

Chance of Rain:

Day = 25%

Night = 66%

Chance of Snow:

4% (0 Inches)



Wind Factor:

Day = SSW @ 8 MPH/GUSTS @ 21 MPH

Night = SSW @ 18 MPH/GUSTS @ 28 MPH


Sunrise = 6:44 AM

Sunset = 4:17 PM

[DURATION: 9 Hours 33 Minutes]


Moonrise = 1:55 AM

Moonset = 2:06 PM

[DURATION: 12 Hours 11 Minutes]

Happy Thanksgiving!