Look, I know you are excited to see the Patriots back in action last night. We all were. But what were you thinking when you posed for a picture with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell? Goodell finally braved the crowds at Foxboro last night for the first time since he suspended the greatest football player of all time. Maybe these guys were caught off guard, as the commish's appearance at Gillette was completely unexpected, but what self respecting Patriots fan would ever pose with this guy (especially in Brady jerseys)? I question the authenticity of these "fans". I wouldn't put it past the commissioner to fly in fake fans from New York City to pose as Brady fans.


**UPDATE**  Turtle Boy Sports has tracked down these guys on Facebook!  They ARE from New England!  New Hampshire to be exact!

Look for the crowd to be cold an unwelcoming when/if Goodell returns for the NFL Kickoff Game on September 7th.

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